​Top Tips for Bridal Hair and Make Up

​Top Tips for Bridal Hair and Make Up

Thursday, 06 July, 2017 @ 17:35

Bridal hair and make up tips for your wedding day by professional make up artist and hair stylist Emma Louise Berry.

As a hair and make up artist, there is nothing I love more than being a part of someone’s special day.

From consultation through to the finished result, you build up a special relationship throughout the process.

So, when Andrea asked me to write a post for her site on hair and beauty tips for all those blushing brides to be, I got to thinking about some of the questions I am most commonly asked.

Here are some of my top tips for wedding-ready hair and make up:

Nourish The Skin You’re In

Whether you’re getting married or not, my motto is always ‘great makeup starts with nourished skin’.

Planning a wedding can often be an enjoyable, if stressful, process and stress can often show itself through skin conditions. I think talking through your skincare routine is a really important factor when trialling your wedding make up and I always advise clients to keep up a good routine, especially in the lead up to their wedding.

Take care of YOU, inside and out – drink plenty of water, stay well moisturised and get plenty of rest where you can.

If In Doubt…Stock Up On Cucumbers!

I don’t need to stress the importance of a decent night’s sleep, the night before your wedding – sadly in most cases, I find most brides are either too excited or nervous for the big day to arrive. In fact, most of the bridal party tends to be severely sleep-deprived come the morning!

One of my favourite – and non-expensive tips – to avoid tired eyes for your wedding is to use cucumber slices, chilled in the fridge and infused with a little lemon juice, the night before and the morning of your wedding.

I use this regularly as part of my skincare routine – the lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent and the cucumber refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes – perfect for looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as you walk down the aisle!

When It Comes to Hair… (A Little) Grease is the Word

By the time your wedding comes around, you will have had your hair trial and you and your stylist will have discussed washing, blow-drying and styling plan of attack.

For most hair types, a bit of natural oil is great for styling – it allows hairstyles that require a lot of body and volume to work into shape more easily and helps to create a more solid structure.

It’s best, if you can, to wash your hair at least one day before your wedding – products such as Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo are great for covering any oil present in the scalp and helping to add volume to hair – ideal for most wedding hair styles.

Keep Shine At Bay – Throughout The Day

Once you have your perfect make up in place for your wedding day – you want to keep it there!

If you are prone to shine – particularly if getting married on a hot day, carry some blotting papers in your bag and use these to absorb any excess moisture. These are great for absorbing moisture, whilst not wiping your make up off or moving it around. A translucent, mineral-based setting powder is also great for staying matte throughout the day – but be careful not to add too much product, as it can cause clogging.

Panda Eyes? No Problem

As a bride, you are almost expected to have a blub at some point during your big day – so it goes without saying that waterproof mascara is a must for wedding make up.

If you are at all worried about mascara maintenance – false lashes or semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a great alternative – especially if you are off on honeymoon straight after! If you are not used to falsies, I would recommend trialling first to ensure they are comfortable and won’t irritate throughout the day.

Pucker Up Buttercup!

Whether it’s bright and bold or pastel and demure, no wedding make up look is complete without the perfect lip colour.

Keep your lips fully moisturised in the lead up to your wedding – I use Burt’s Bees as I think it’s fabulous – and wear moisturiser under lipsticks to keep your lips from drying out. For lip colours – matte is always preferable for its staying power, but if you prefer a gloss – a tinted lip gloss is buildable. You can also use a bit of foundation as a base on the lips and apply a coat of gloss afterwards.

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