10 Steps to Planning A Wedding

10 Steps to Planning A Wedding

Thursday, 27 July, 2017 @ 16:50

Planning your wedding day may seem like a daunting prospect at first, but if you follow these steps, it will help to make it an exciting journey for you both...

1. Wedding Venue

Deciding where and when to celebrate your nuptials will usually be the first step on your journey. Trust your instincts on this one. Obviously, you want to find somewhere that fits your budget, but you must feel relaxed with the ambiance and location. Forming a good relationship with the wedding coordinator and events team is also vital. Most venues host wedding fayres and open evenings for prospective couples to attend. Paying a visit incognito to sample the accommodation and dining facilities is also a good policy.

2. Wedding planner

Speaking to a reputable wedding planner can help a lot. A good wedding organiser will have a list of reputable suppliers who can provide you with interesting ideas for your schedule. Some venues may work alongside independent planners whilst others may have a more pro-active in-house wedding coordinator who can effectively take on the function of a planner for you.

3. Wedding fayre

Visiting a wedding fayre is another excellent way to gather ideas for your wedding day. Most of these events take place on a Sunday but some are midweek. This is an exciting opportunity to meet suppliers and experience their services first hand. You can form a relationship with them and decide if you want to book.

4. Wedding Photographer

Capturing those magical moments in the day is essential and a good wedding photographer will immortalise the proceedings. Each camera person has their own unique style. Make sure you view a variety of samples of photographers you are considering. Also, do they know the venue you are having your wedding at and/or provide a pre-shoot? Like the team at your venue, forming a solid relationship with your photographer is vital. Before you book, make sure you photographer is insured and provides a wedding contract.

5. Wedding Dress and accessories

You needn't break the bank to find your dream wedding dress. Once again, it's a matter of trusting your instinct and finding a supplier you feel comfortable with. Social media forums are excellent for viewing testimonials and interacting with past clients.

6. Hair and make-up

This is another area where the internet can play an important role. Facebook and Instagram are perfect for viewing the handiwork of potential suppliers and interacting with newly-weds. A happy bride will be waxing lyrical about her positive experiences with a particular stylist on social media, so be sure to take notes. At wedding fayres many suppliers offer demos and you will get a good feel for their personality.

7. Wedding Decor

Does your venue have a recommended supplier in this field? They may offer chair, table and room decorations as part of a package. If not, there are many ways to make your function space look stylish on the big day. Once again, you certainly do not need to extend your overdraft to succeed in this area. A sparse rustic look can look very appealing and save you a few pennies along the way, whilst some carefully positioned balloon arches and table flowers can totally transform the banqueting area. A sensitive wedding coordinator at your venue can help massively in this area.

8. Wedding Entertainment

Most couples will want a DJ or even a band to perform at their wedding. Entertainment is normally one of the essential ingredients of a 21st century wedding. Once again, the venue may offer this as part of a specific package and their in-house supplier will normally be a safe pair of hands. During the drinks reception, you may want to consider some light music such as a string quartet or harpist. This can really set a wonderful mood for the day. A close-up magician is another fantastic addition and can help generate a tremendous buzz among the guests. Excellent times for magic are during the welcome libations or the early evening reception - after the wedding breakfast.

9. Deciding who to invite...

This is arguably one of the most tricky parts of the whole process. It also has a bearing on budget. That said, do not stress too much over this. Good friends will understand if you prefer to invite them to the evening function and keep the day celebrations more intimate. Providing some light refreshments (buffet or hog roast) in the evening for those who were not invited to the ceremony and breakfast is always a classy touch. Also, evening entertainment such as a magician or caricaturist is very thoughtful and will resonate with both day and evening guests alike.

10. Schedule and location

Some couples prefer to adopt the traditional format of: ceremony, arrival drinks, breakfast and evening reception. However, you do not need to follow this pattern. Remember, this is your day and you can set the schedule in any way you want. BEWARE of people who try to tell you otherwise or dissuade you from doing what you want, or even encourage you to spend more than you had originally planned. On that note, it is vital to stick to your set budget and listen to the people you trust. It is more than possible to have a fantastic wedding day and live within your means. If you are getting married abroad, having a UK get together for those who couldn't make the trip is always a nice touch. Once again, you may wish to follow a traditional pattern and effectively have another wedding day all over again, or take a more informal approach - the choice is yours....

Wishing you all the best in your wedding day planning.

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