About Andrea Palmer

About Andrea Palmer

Skills and Expertise

Andrea Palmer is a professionally trained wedding photographer since 2007. She trained at Nottingham Trent University and gained a BA Honours in photography.

Pleased to meet You

Hi I'm Andrea

Why I became a Wedding Photographer

From an early age I'd always been interested in art and photography. Over the years I've enjoyed creating, exhibiting and selling my paintings & art photography.

As a young girl I was really lucky to be able to borrow my grandad's box brownie camera. It took square photos a bit like Instagram today. Following that I enjoyed experimenting and taking photos with my Pentax film camera, right up until I moved on to digital in 2007.

I shoot with a Canon, well actually I have three of them and a selection of fantastic lenses which give superb quality and satisfy my creativity.

Anyway back to my story - The thing was, I loved being creative, but my job at the time was holding me back from what I really wanted to do.

My dream was to become a professional photographer, so in 2002 I took the plunge to formally study Art and Design. Then I went on to study a BA Hons degree in Photography at Nottingham Trent University.

After graduating in 2007 I finally set up my Wedding and Boudoir Photography business in the heart of Nottingham.

What I Love

I'm really lucky because I love my job as a photographer. It doesn't really feel like a job, it's more like a creative journey, one in which I spend my time composing and creating beautiful images.

I see the world through pictures and love the way the camera freezes the moment with one click of the shutter

I love the emotion of the day and being able to document all the little details

I love capturing the emotions and joy on peoples faces, the hugs and the kisses

I love romance.......Well who doesn't?

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